Associate Project Manager
Dallas, TX

About our company

The Product Place is the premier end-to-end studio for product-based business creation.We support first-time founders and serial entrepreneurs with end-to-end product-based business creation, business development, and e-commerce order fulfillment. The Product Place is a Woman and Black-Owned business, and we believe that great ideas can change the world – no matter where they come from. We’re on a mission to build the world's most engaging, innovative, and straight-up bad-ass product-based businesses.

The Problem We're Solving

We are dedicated to building some of the world's most innovative, fun, and fresh product-based businesses – and with that comes a lot of moving parts. We’re looking for an Associate Project Manager to help ensure the delivery of our client work is as productive, efficient, and seamless as possible – so that our people and brands thrive and our work shines. 

You’ll be the lifeline between our creative teams, the clients, and all the tasks of bringing the brand to life. Your role, and the workflow and projects you oversee, is essential to the successful day-to-day operations of our agency. As such, we would like—and expect—you to bring your expertise and creativity to provide the best logistical and strategic guidance you can, day-in and day-out. And we want you to contribute to shaping how we work at The Product Place now and in the future. 

Here’s what you’ll be up to specifically: 

  • Acting as a “Number Two” on all client programs 
  • Documenting task updates, status and priorities in our internal (team facing) and external (client facing) systems 
  • Be a strong partner to both Client Service and Creative, partnering with the former to assist in client-facing communication as needed and the latter to ensure deadlines are met and ownership is clear
  • Track budgets, schedules, and deliverables, and make strategic adjustments when neccessary
  • Problem solve, troubleshoot, and anticipate risk so you are thinking one step ahead of the team at all times
  • In time, manage small-scale projects independently, including creation of timelines and estimates that are both specific to brand and project needs
  • Scaling your PM department! Bring your unique perspective and skills to the forefront to innovate improved processes and systems

Required and Preferred Skills


  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience being client / customer facing 
  • Strong project management and project management software skills 
  • Min. 1 year experience in Physical Product development

Preferred Skills 

  • Overall awareness of fashion, and skincare trends and industry 
  • ClickUp Project Management Software experience 
  • Experience with product based business or Shopify specifically 
  • Standard Operating Procedure development experience

You'll be head honcho in these ways:

This role includes a lot of autonomy and workflow independence. Our expectation is that you’ll have a deep desire to improve processes and mitigate risk – both of which require confidence, clarity, and control. See an opportunity to do things better – let’s try it out.

We think you'll fit right in if:

Our dreamiest Associate Project Manager is someone who has an interest in product based business and is excited to share new brands they are loving, new trends they are seeing, and their favorite tiktok challenge of the week. We’re a team of creatives who find satisfaction in a job done outstandingly well. You'll fit in well if a “work-hard, play-hard” spirit lights you up – like it does us!

How you'll grow with us:

Here at The Product Place we are aiming to reshape the go-to-market experience for product-based business founders. In order to do that, we’ve got to dream really big, and the Associate Project Manager will be a massive part of us realizing our vision now and in the future. You’ll shape and form the future of this department and, in time, have an opportunity to oversee multiple associates as you scale into more advanced roles. This Associate Project Manager role should be an individual who is looking for an opportunity to grow into a Program Director, or VP Operations within 3-5 years.

To apply:
Send resume, CV, and proftolio (if applicable) to
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