Sweet Crowns

Indroducing Sweet Crowns

Sweet Crowns is a Black Woman-owned solution brand that serves little ones in a fight to protect and preserve precious curls. Dreamed up by Dana Taylor-Hart this technical soft-goods piece sits right between hair care, and home goods in an innovative bedding category. Read on to explore the innovation.

The Opportunity

Sweet crowns set out to create a patentable solution to two major factors. First, that little ones grow quickly and therefore have a lot of replacement apparel due to their fast-changing sizes. And two, that children with textured hair need these ever-changing solutions to be extra sensitive and protective. Dana, Sweet Crowns founder, wanted a product that stayed away from the formula-based business and focus on the realities of motherhood and the need for more simple and on-the-go solutions.

Our Solution

After reviewing the market we zeroed in on the opportunity for a  grow-with-you type of product. We asked ourselves, what kind of product is present both in infancy and into early childhood – agreeing with our founder that if we could develop a product that was useful beyond infancy and in the home longer than 3 years we would reach the perfect combination of value in the marketplace, ease of decision making for the end consumer, and practicality in the home.  In partnership with our founder, we explored a few shapes and types of products. Ultimately we solved the program opportunity by developing a bedding slip that worked for an infant crib mattress as well as integrated seamlessly with a toddler who would be ready for a toddler-sized pillow. 

The end result was a collection of 4 certified silk-hand bed slips that encourage healthy hair for babies, as well as a product that had a longer use-case in the home and grows with the child from infancy to toddler.

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