La Montana

Introducing La Montana

Ahh the Mediterranean….blue skies, warm water, and Jonathan and Cassandra Hall our candle heroes are the founders of La Montana, an inviting, comprehensive, and delicious collection of home fragrance. The duo describes their candles and affordable luxuries and we couldn't agree more.

The Opportunity

La Montana founder, Jonathan Hall came to us early in 2022 to explore e-commerce fulfillment on US soil. You see, La Montana is a rocking and rolling brand based in the UK and the Spanish mountainside. And while business was thriving, they had one small pickle…shipping rates for their obsessed US customers were still a bit pricier than they would have liked. This is understandable, I mean have you tried to move 2 pounds of luxury fragrance across an ocean every day–not easy! 

Here’s what they were looking for: 

  • Central united-States warehousing and order fulfillment 
  • Fully HVAC supported (Thats air-conditioning kids) facilities for their delicate fragrances 
  • Competitive postage rates to delight their US customers 
  • A US partner for wholesale order distribution
  • A small team that would be flexible enough to keep things personal like their family-based team across the pond.

Our Solution

Honored to be a chosen resource for this fragrant powerhouse we jumped at the chance to be La Montana’s US-based distribution partner.

It’s been just over a year of supporting them – and our Dallas warehouse has never smelled better. Here’s how we act as boots on the ground for the La Montana brand: 

  • Daily ecommerce order fulfillment for their US and Canada customer orders 
  • Daily order fulfillment for their US Macys.Com business 
  • Daily order fulfillment for their Amazon Distribution business 
  • Ongoing warehousing of just over 300 square feet of inventory 
  • Daily Management of their US stock with our inventory management systems and processes
  •  Daily operations controls over needed customer resolutions like exchanges, lost shipments or returns 
  •  US partner for big box opportunities (PS: you can now shop La Montana on, and orders will ship to you straight from the TPP crew)

By the numbers
The UK
Brand HQ
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Macys, Amazon and DTC
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