Indroducing Capsoul Co.

Capsoul by Founder Marissa D. Wilson is a meaningful luggage brand designed for the multifaceted creative entrepreneur and global explorer. Each piece is crafted with extreme modularity and usefulness in mind. The brand highlights not only the functionality of its products but also the stories behind the creatives who use them.

The Opportunity

The Capsoul brand was ideated by a founder who required additional manufacturing and design capabilities. They were looking to manufacture a new product that was functional, beautiful and enCAPsulated meaningful solutions for creative entrepreneurs who aim to balance commute efficiency with professional luxury. 

And they needed help to 

  • Craft technical design specs 
  • Source manufacturing partners 
  • Execute iterative sampling rounds 
  • Craft proprietary hardware designs 
  • Negotiate and land finished product 
  • Execute pre-sale order fulfillment

Our Solution

 The hero product, a backpack, dubbed “Minimal on the outside, functional on the inside” boasts 100% custom design, and manufacturing with a staggering 5 additional miniature bags that work as a system with the backpack exterior utility strap. When Marissa came to us with a gap in her manufacturing and design capabilities we went to work to design, develop and scale this impactful new travel brand. In this project, we worked in a consulting capacity on the brand's business model, design, fabrication, target audience, and of course; technical design and manufacturing.

Here’s how we did it: 

  • Technical Design Iterations with our design team 
  • In-house trim and hardware rendering for custom componentry 
  • Ongoing business development consultation to achieve optimal design and presentation 
  • Manufacturer partnership and sample management 
  • Final logistics and e-commerce fulfillment for the brands pre-sales

Capsoul has gone on to be the first of our The Product Place brands to secure their own brick-and-mortar flagship location. If you’re in Cleaveland please check them out at 1442 West 28th Street

Cleveland OH 44113. 

Curious about all of the utility of the CapSoul Hero backpack, check out the walkthrough: 

"Because of The Product Place, I can call myself a true founder. What started out as a small problem I was trying to solve for myself has grown into a full-fledged business with the help of Alia and her team. Working with The Product Place taught me the importance of finding your opportunity to innovate and how spending enough time here can really give you the utmost confidence when it's time to sell"



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