Bella De Luna

Indroducing Bella De Luna

Bella De Luna is an astrological solution brand based int eh paper goods industry. The brand is led by founder Sara McCormick who is an accomplished leader and designer. Bella De Luna views “astrology as a framework for giving ourselves the permission we seek to slow down, live more in tune with nature, and nourish our souls with indulgent self-care. [Their] mission in life is to turn practical tools into magical guidance for deepening your relationship with yourself”, Bella De Luna website Our favorite product of theirs is the Soul Care Planner which is released annually.

The Problem

As the brand’s Soul Care Planner popularity scaled to new heights in 2021 a broader logistics solution was needed to accommodate the growing purchase orders.  

Bella De Luna was looking for: 

  • A fulfillment house that would serve their custom needs 
  • Flat rate pricing that would allow them to scale 
  • And a team that could accommodate specialty pack-outs for gifting, PR, and influencer campaigns.

Our Solution

Since 2021 Bella De Luna has been our highest-volume journal brand for 2 years in a row, and we suspect will have its largest year to date. 

On a daily we: 

  • Back-end systems integrations directly with their online stores 
  • Inventory management for 7 key styles of the Bella De Luna Brand 
  • Backstock inventory management in the thousands of units. 
  • Execute Returns and Exchanges 
  • Non-Inventory Product Management (packaging and gratis stock) 
  • Major Holiday Purchase Order Receiving and Quality Control 

Founder Sara, shared some kind words, on what being able to outsource her fulfillment has meant to her and the brand: 

"I'm so thrilled with The Product Place and their handling of my order fulfillment. Without their support, I wouldn't have been able to grow and scale my business the way I have the past six months."
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