How to write a standout product page

Listen, we get it. You’re done. You made it through design and development, the website is #sexyAF, and presales are right around the corner. the last thing you wan tot do right now is reflect back on the journey of development and craft a compelling copy set for the all too important product pages. 

Well, we got you. Here is a simple three step formula to compelling product descriptions and product page copy. 

First: Features 

Take some time to either list out our descriptively enchant your reader with some features of your product. features are the tangible solutions that you’ve imbedded into your product. This is the time to list out those expensive active ingredients, the knit or weave features. Really anything that physically makes up the product. This is a great place to list out some high-level technical specs. 

Second: Benefits

Benefits are the impactful RESULTS of the said features. You can think of them as the Effect part of a cause and effect relationship with features. 

Here are some examples: 

Feature: Retinol 

Benefit: Age-Defying 

Feature: lavender Extract 

Benefit: Soothing lavender experience 

Feature: Ergonomic 9.5” Handles 

Benefit: Comfort Grip 

Third: Objections

Finally, the last component to great product write ups are Objections. hear us out. We love our customers, really we do. but even the most dedicated of customer bases, or the most loyal of fans, still require the occasional and figurative push to get items to cart. Plainly addressing known objectives to your product copy can help to highlight exactly what they might be thinking and what you’d like them to think instead: 

Here are some examples: 

“Know more durable than ever” Objection handling: We know you already have one but this will be one of your last purchases for a while” 

“The first of its kind” Objection handling: “We know you already have one but this one’s special” 

"Exclusive fragrances from France" Objection Handling "You may think you have something similar, but you can only get this from us"

“Easy to use”, Objection handling: “We know it seems complicated, but it’s not” 

Keeping Features, Benefits, and Objections in mind while you craft your product descriptions and even your product pages is a great cheat to faster and more impactful copy for you and your customer. 

Seeya in cart, 

Team TPP